Ray's Videos

Pizza You - The Movie.

 The Godfather of Swing,  Ray Gelato's new video is a story based around Ray's original song ' A Pizza You '.  
It's a Mob themed short movie that nods its head to Martin Scorsese's  Goodfellas and other mob movies such as Casino and The Sopranos. 
Ray plays two roles : The Mob boss and also his twin brother, the lowly cook.  
The movie features many of Soho's most famous and colourful characters and is set in Trisha's Bar, Evaristo, in London's Soho. 
' A Pizza You ' is available on Ray's CD "Original Flavours".

Get Off The Phone.

Ever been annoyed by the hoodie playing loud music on the tube? How about being stuck behind the slow walker, obliviously chatting away? The annoying guy filming the whole gig ? Well they are all here on Ray Gelato's new video, Get Off The Phone! From the new CD, "Original Flavours".

Here's a compilation video that shows some highlights of Ray's career. Including appearances at Umbria Jazz and The Montreal Jazz Festival.
Ray Gelato and The Giants from La Scala TV Show, Milan.
Ray plays his storming , Rockin' tenor sax. Live from The Blues At Moonlight Festival in Malaga.
Bar Italia .
This is Ray's original song and his loving tribute to his favourite coffee bar - Soho's famous Bar Italia .